Thermodo Thermometer for Your iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a thermometer.It is a case of valuing negative criticisms. Danish startup Robocat has developed several apps for iOS, including a free thermometer app called Thermo that tells how hot or cold it is outside your home. While it enjoyed relative success with over two million downloads and hundreds of thousands of daily active users, the app occasionally receives one-star reviews. Some users actually thought the app supposedly converts their iPhones into instant thermometers that instantly detect the temperature around them.

While the app and the iPhone actually cannot do that, the team behind Robocat thought “what if it could”? This sparked an inspiration to create their first hardware: Thermodo, a tiny electrical thermometer for your iPhone. This little accessory fits into your iPhone’s headphone jack and transmits real-time temperature data without the need of a network connection.

The Thermodo comes with a passive temperature sensor, protected by a small cylindrical end cap that juts out by only a quarter of an inch when plugged into the smartphone. It does not need its own power source, and it receives weather data through an audio signal that the iPhone can pick up and translate into the corresponding temperature through Thermodo’s companion app for iOS. It also works for Robocat’s previously-released weather-related apps–Thermo and Haze.

When not needed, the Thermodo can be attached into its carrying case keyring, so you would not lose it. Robocat plans on putting the Thermodo’s SDK as open-source, encouraging other developers to create supporting software for Android, Macs, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino-based gadgets.

Thermodo has since completed its $ 35,000 targeted funding goal in Kickstarter, but with about a month to go before their campaign expires, Robocat unveils its stretch goals of up to $ 500,000, which would enable the company to develop Thermodos made of aluminum.

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