A Look At Five Other Health Gadgets From CES 2013

There were a wealth of health gadgets and devices recently introduced at CES 2013 held at Las Vegas recently. It just goes to show that consumers have this increasing need to look after their own health through self-monitoring made possible by current and innovative technologies of today. Here is a look at another five devices that would surely appeal to the health conscious crowd.

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR

For people with the need to monitor their heart rate at a regular basis, there are gadgets at CES 2013 that makes it more convenient to do so without having to setup the equipment to do so. Gadgets like the new Wahoo Fitness Blue HR allow users to monitor their heart rate at a personal level with a wearable monitoring strap even while they are in some kind of activity. Wahoo Fitness has several monitoring devices up in the market and the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR is one of their newest offerings. In the case of the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR, it keeps track of heart rate data that is conveniently sent to a connected mobile device via Bluetooth for viewing and storage. Users can then keep track of their heart rate in real time, when used in conjunction with the Wahoo Fitness mobile app.

AliveCor Heart Monitor

While the health gadgets at CES 2013 mainly cater to the consumer crowd, there are also gadgets like the AliveCor Heart Monitor case for the iPhone 4 and 4S that provides professional level heart monitoring that doctors can use. This unique iPhone 4 and 4S casing is intended for use by doctors since it reads, records, and displays single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythm. For doctors, it becomes a valuable tool since it can help provide the means for doctors to accurately diagnose a heart attack whenever an emergency occurs or when they are doing their rounds out of the clinic. The AliveCor Heart Monitor is an FDA-approved health device and is only available for medical professionals for US$ 199.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

In terms of weight monitoring, bathroom scales still becomes the primary device used by most people. With newer models like the Withings Smart Body Analyzer, the ordinary bathroom scale suddenly becomes more than just a weight-monitoring tool. Standing on the Withings Smart Body Analyzer not only provides the user about his or her weight information, it is also able to get other important health data such as heart rate, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage as well as the added monitoring of quality indoor air. Not only that, this unique health device is also able to send the health data gathered wirelessly to a mobile device via Bluetooth as well as Internet connectivity. The Withings Smart Body Analyzer will be available sometime in the first quarter of this year.

Ibitz Activity Monitor

In the market of health gadgets, even the kids get their share of devices designed only for them. There are activity monitors such as the ibitz Activity Monitor by Geopalz. This device helps encourage kids to become more active by having playful digital characters interact with kids for some activities. It is a unique way to motivate kids to exercise by adding a fun element into it.

iRiver ON Fitness Monitoring Earbuds

For those who like to listen to music while doing some activity, this pair of iRiver ON Fitness Monitoring Earbuds adds other useful functions as you use it. While putting on the iRiver ON earbuds during your exercise, it also keeps track of your heart rate and physical activity using Valencell’s PerformTek Precision Biometrics. It records the calories you have burned, your metabolic rate, energy usage as well as other activity data. It can synchronize with your mobile device via Bluetooth as it keeps track of your activity session while listening to your favorite tunes.

Image Source: Wahoo Fitness
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